Kyle Clasky – Filmmaker / Camera Operator

PRODUCTION | Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor

I am a degree qualified and experienced, full time, professional freelance cinematographer / camera operator and editor. I generally work subcontracting to clients in and around the Sydney metropolitan area.

I reliably maintain sharps, prescribed framing and exposure including for subjects moving in a dynamic way during scenes or around stages, etcetera.

Although more often I’m hired with a focus on camera operation and lighting,  I regularly provide full video production services, such as camera grip work with dollies and cranes, placing and monitoring wireless and cabled mics, collaborating with makeup, hair and wardrobe, as well as video and sound post-production. I maintain a network of colleagues who are able to provide any additional skills and services such as drone photography, field audio recordings, motion graphics and animation.

The cameras I own all belong to Sony’s Cinealta range.   I’m comfortable with the operation of any cameras and have experience with a range of makes and models.

Corporate: I work regularly shooting interviews. I have been gerenally been working in small teams of myself and a producer, in which case I provide and operate all the necessary image and sound recording equipment. I’m also available for conferences and presentations, broadcast and web advertisement, corporate communications and video messaging both internally or externally. I work on an ongoing basis at Town Hall operating a Blackmagic Ursa with a (zoom lens name with doubler)

Corporate interviews, IMAG, coverage for narrative productions.  I’m earnestly seeking part or full time employment, or freelance contracts, from your company. I’m flexible and comfortable working solo or as part of a camera team; operator, focus puller or 2nd/3rd camera assistant. 

Drama: I work regularly as a camera operator shooting two and three hander scenes, working with a master, then going in for dirty MCUs and clean singles, the standard stuff. I also work assisting DoPs and as a wireless focus puller for a steady cam operation.

CREATIVE | Screenwriting – Concept Generation & Development

In most cases clients communicate effectively and I always honour their creative intentions and do not deviate from the prescribed brief.

When required I provide creative services such as concept and story generation, script writing, story boarding, production design.

POST-PRODUCTION | Editor – Graphics – Colour Grading

My experience ranges from editing simple corporate records to complicated documentary edits with high shooting ratios and complex structures. I’m competent on FCPX, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Motion with intermediate skills in other apps.

 REFEREES | Regular clients and colleagues

  • Robert Murphy R & B Productions 0414 473 002
  • Russell Lyster JANAR Productions 0451546749
  • John D. Cohen Cinegear 0404155091
  • Ben Bray Live Productions 0419863678
  • Kerry Wotton 3in1 Productions 0413 883 380